I’d like to think that our Wheatleys have a love-hate relationship.

My Wheatley doesn’t know how to pick his fights!!

#first baysalt’s wheatley now this (look what you have done NQN)

22nd June 2012 9:47
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Portal 2: Turret Choir - Killer Queen

Ohmygod this is fantastic

OMG Bohemian Rhapsody/Portal parody no freaking way


22nd June 2012 2:18
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스페이스 오딧세이라는 영화에서 나오는 인공지능 컴퓨터 HAL9000을..

자캐마냥.. 만든거긴 한데..

기본 스펙이 사람과 자연어로 대화할 수 있고, 체스와 사람의 입술을 읽을 수 있는 능력을 가지고 있음.

디스커버리호라는 우주선의 컴퓨터 인데..

할이 디스커버리호 자체 이기도함.

오작동으로 인해 디스커버리호의 탐사대원 전부를 죽이지만..[한명 빼고]

p.s 오작동이 난 이유는 디스커버리호의 컴퓨터의 할은 모든 정보를 탐사대원에게 알려줘야하는 의무를 가졌는데,  모노리스[자세한건 여길 클릭] 와 관련된 비밀 지령은 어느 순간에도 탐사대원들에게 비밀로 해야한다는 명령 으로인해 두개의 사실이 충돌하고 모순되어서 혼란의 혼란을 거듭한 끝에 내린 결론이 “다 죽이면 되겠네.”라서 탐사대원 전부를 죽임.

[목소린 대충 이런 느낌]

very good ouo

now that’s a death machine worthy of GLaDOS

/pardon the sudden pairing urge folks

Oh God…do not pair…do not pair…do..*Paired*

20th June 2012 10:40
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20th June 2012 10:03
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8-Bit Portal 2!

20th June 2012 2:16
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need a post all its own

Super classy robots.

19th June 2012 9:09
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19th June 2012 8:26
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-Cave Johnson

I’m in a Portal mood tonight.

15th June 2012 15:26
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14th June 2012 20:03
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Something I drew this February fro Valentine’s Day.

14th June 2012 14:49
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Wheatley is an expert

12th June 2012 19:16
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You fight and you fight and you fight and then all of the sudden you realize it didn’t mean a thing.

He’s just crying ‘cause nobody brought him a sandwich

All I wanted was a life without pain, “Tough.” Said God.

…But we can’t have a rainbow without rain.

12th June 2012 9:40
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11th June 2012 20:00
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Portal 2 Concept Art

11th June 2012 14:16
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Doug Rattmann’s murals from Portal 2, Part 1.

Part 2 over here!

I haven’t seen a large post or collection of them anywhere so I figured I’d help out.

All Image copyright to Valve.